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Manufacturers of RCC Spun Hume Pipes & Collars         Karur

Asoka Cement Pipe Company is a reliable source of supply for Rinforced Cement Concrete Spun Hume Pipes and Collars widely used for water supply, drainage and underground cable protection in the fields of agriculture, various industries, bridges constructed across roads and railways. We manufacture quality products in compatible with the relevant Indian Standard Specifications and as per the requirement of the customers. Our customers are free to choose from the wide range of Hume Pipes and Collarsaccording to their specific needs.

Asoka Cement Pipe Company was started in the year 1994 and has been contibuting to the industry since then. Now we have established as a very competitive potential source of supply of RCC pipes and collars.

Customer Satisfaction is our Key to success

No compromise on quality of Products is our Mantra

All the products being manufactured in our factory are duely tested for quality to ensure the adherence to relevant ISI specifications IS 458: 1988 and the required strength characteristics prior to despatch.

We have adequate number of skilled personnel qualified and well experienced in handling all operations required for the manufacturing and testing of all the products.

Adequate space and facilities are ensured

We are capable of handling a large number of Products

We have sufficiently large area with the necessary machinery and equipment for manufacturing and testing a large number of RCC pipes at any given time. We have a sufficiently large curing tank for curing the spun pipes as well.

Asoka Cement Pipe Company is spread over an area of 2.224 acres. We have two spinning machines for the spun pipe manufacturing process by casting involving compacting concrete together with the embedded steel reinforcement in the moulds with centrifugal force by making the mould revolve using a prime mover such as a motor or an engine.

We also have a three edge bearing test machine and a hydraulic pressure test machine for testing of the pipes and collars.